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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Apr 11, 2023

Have you heard the saying, your identity is your destiny?

What is our subsconscious identity? 

How was it formed and how does it impact how we feel, our food choices and our weight?

In this 2 part episode, my guest Mary Lou Rodriguez unpack your subconscious identity and what this means for you after weight loss surgery. 


Mary Lou is a Brain Training & High Performance Mindset Expert, podcaster of The Unstoppable Mind, a Millionaire Money Mentor and soon to be author of Unstoppable YOU. She is an international speaker and teacher with students from all over the world.  She is  passionate about working with people to change their mindsets and train their brains to have massive success in every part of their lives. She has worked with thousands of clients worldwide, from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, to professional organizations.  She  uses hypnosis, neuroscience, and brain training tools to help people eliminate disempowering habits, fears, and self-doubt.