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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Sep 5, 2023

I've seen a theme of WLS patient's not priortising themselves after surgery. 

This might be staying up too late and not getting enough sleep, not doing all the things they know will help them such as meal planning, prepping. Or continuing with their V1.0 old eating habits.  

They're caught up in a rut.  Making easy and fast eating choices.

They maybe eating their way through the day or night.

Weight regain sneaks up and up, and this negatively affects our mental health negatively.

If this resonates, listen to my 3 steps on where to start. 

I do have an opportunity for women to priortise themselves and priortise their WLS journey.  The WLS journey isn’t a side gig - it’s the main gig.

Bariatric Dietitian Margaret Hays and myself have a Luxe Bariatric Retreat in August 2024. There is plenty of time to book and save. 

It will be a combination of learning new skills and new tools on your WLS journey as well as rest and rejuvenation. 

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