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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Sep 29, 2020

Welcome Michael Hii, Michael is a Osphogeal & Bariatric surgery at Melbourne Gastro Osphoegeal surgery. I've worked in the WLS clinic in the team with Michael since 2016, and Michael is a big believer in psychological services to support WLS and that's what we are going to unpack today.

We speak about:

- Weight regain after WLS, when does this typically become an issue and why does this become an issue?

- WLS is just a tool. We've heard it all before.  What did the patients not realise pre surgery that they learnt learned after surgery. 

- You refer a lot of patients to me in the WLS clinic - what are the flags that you see that prompts you to send them my way - both pre-surgery and post surgery?