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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Jun 21, 2023

After thousands and thousands of hours working with Weight Loss Surgery Patients, I have identified 6 key Eating Saboteurs:

  • Rebel
  • Inner Mean Girl
  • Numbing
  • Defeatist
  • Rewarder
  • Avoider

We all have these Saboteurs, but there will probably be 1 preomindate saboteur that comes out to play everytime you head to the fridge or pantry. 

In this episode, I unpack each Saboteur and if you need help to identify your eating saboteur you can take the QUIZ here. 

My vision is for women to have access to this information about themselves, the awareness and the tools to change…so that they can see it’s not them, it's just a PART of them. I will show you how to work with your parts to create balance in your system in the Club. 

When there’s balance - V2.0 baby!

Last chance to join the Reverse the Relapse Club before July 1st and grab an extra month for free!!!

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