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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Jun 7, 2023

We all have a part of us that avoids things. 
But how might it play out specifically with your eating and weight?
Avoidng gives us short term relief, but leads to longer term pain. 

I see the avoidance part playing out in 1 of 3 ways for women who struggle with their eating and weight:


  1. Avoiding there’s a problem in the first place. Often we can be in denial that we have a problem in the first place. Maybe we have our head in the sand around our weight regain, and our eating habits.  We continue to stay in denial, until we are in enough emotional or physical pain to admit to ourselves that we have a problem and we need to address it. 

  2. Avoiding the things we know that will really help us.  We know that we have a problem, but we are Avoiding all the things that can really help us. Maybe we are avoiding exercise, avoiding meal planning and prepping, avoiding getting help and support whether that’s with a psychologist or dietitian or avoiding an appoint with your surgeon.

  3. Avoiding personal responsibility through fantasy thinking - this where we tell ourselves a story that our eating and weight will magically fix itself in the future, but we don’t make any changes to our eating.  This looks like  a narrative around “I’ll start again tomorrow” I’ll be good tomorrow…which means we take ourselves off the hook today with any personal responsibility around our food choices and it becomes a bit of magical thinking that tomorrow will be different today. And of course tomorrow is the same as day.  We avoid through delay. But the thoughts/feelings/behaviours remain the same.

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