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Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Jul 1, 2020

I've spent the last 5 days in hospital with my son, Nate in sleep school changing all the bad habits. 

It got me thinking  about where you might be right now with your eating and weight.   

You’ve had surgery, and now some bad eating habits have snuck back in. You’re aware of the bad habits, but a bit like me  - just knowing the bad habits isn’t enough to change it.  

Awareness is a great start, but it’s not enough to change. 

A bit like me, you might be feeling overwhelmed - "where do I start?" or "it’s all too hard", or "maybe I should do this or that" - all of that conflicting information.

Listen for the key questions to ask yourself to shift you from surviving to thriving.  

Ready to thrive? Come and complete the application form and I will share how I can help you.